What They’re Saying


Chris Loving has been helpful to get us good insurance coverage for our new home in Oklahoma. He also help with auto insurance for the two vehicles. He provided me with options to choose from all cases. I will recommend Beacon Point my friends and family for any insurance needs.

Roscoe M., client since 2017

I did not know anything about Medicare and secondary insurance. Travis asked me what my needs were and provided me with 3 print outs on companies that would meet my needs for meds and secondary insurance. I made my choices and Travis arranged for payments to be electronically taken out of my account. I have referred at least 6 others to this company and they all complimented the job that was done for them.

Donald D., client since 2015

Extremely helpful and prompt to return correspondence

Client since 2017

Travis' knowledge of the available Medicare tie-in products helped us make informed decisions Sharon A.,

client since 2017

Very helpful and understanding of my needs. Quick and easy startup of policy.

Cameron K., client since 2017

Chris Loving has been there for my family several times; more than he even needs to be. He helped file claims and explained things I wanted to know. I have referred my family members to Beacon Point because of him.

Dave W., July 2017

When we needed assistance deciding about health insurance, Travis was always helpful. Thanks Travis!

Phyllis M., client since 2014

Travis is so good explaining what coverage you need. Fast and accurate service. Great staff. Everyone always makes you feel wanted.

Carolyn M., client since 2014

Travis at Beacon Point provided important information and guidance to us at a critical, vulnerable time. By listening to our needs and offering insights, we felt assured we were making the right decisions for our situation.

Michael H., June 2017

Travis sat down with us and answered all our questions about how Medicare works and gave us several options to choose from. He's taken phone calls from me when we've had further questions. I referred him to a friend who was having trouble getting answers from another agent and he dealt with her the same way. We've been very happy with Travis and will continue working with him.

Nancy C., client since 2015 

Provided us excellent information and explanation as to how Medicare works. Showed us very good supplemental plans and explanation of how the plans fill in the gaps. Gave us several options and helped us select one that would fit into our particular life situation.

David R., client since 2016 

Took time to listen to what was needed. Friendly office; providing good options.

Kenneth M., client since 2017

Chris was absolutely amazing!! He was so helpful with finding the right coverage for our auto and home insurance. He explained all of our options thoroughly and made sure we understood every aspect. He also went above and beyond by cancelling our previous insurance policy too. We highly recommend Chris and Beacon Point!!

Tarah C., client since 2010

Running comparisons of the various coverage options was helpful and saved me time. I was aware of the process as I had assisted my elderly parents in the past as their coverage needs changed as far as prescriptions. To have it done for me and explained made my choices more informed and less stressful. I have already referred a friend for a consult regarding drug coverage after he retires.

Richard J., June 2017

My particular needs in obtaining health insurance took several hours of Travis 's time as well as other employees at Beacon Point. Always they were BEYOND patient and made sure this was the absolute best policy for me! I could not have been happier with their services!

Carol C., client since 2017

It was awesome, and painless. That is why I recommended you to a colleague. She thought you all were awesome too,.

Terrie B., client since 2017

Travis was very helpful with the confusing topic of healthcare coverage. He asked good questions, listened carefully, and efficiently and thoroughly helped me go through my options and make the best decision. His communication was clear, and he is friendly and easy to work with. Not only would I work with him again in future but would be happy to refer my friends to him for his help.

Kristin J., client since 2017

It's unsettling to enter into the healthcare marketplace with lots of questions and not much understanding of how to navigate all the options. Travis made the transition easy. His support was reassuring. His vast expertise answered my questions and directed our family to the right insurance options. The Beacon Point team's professional attention and support was just what we needed. I highly recommend Travis and Beacon Point to those who find themselves in a similar situation.

Douglas B., June 2017

We felt that Beacon Point was very thorough in finding the right plan for us. Travis took plenty of time with us, assessing our needs and making sure we were comfortable with his recommendations. There was no pressure to choose one plan over another, but the options he offered were in line with what we expected.

Rick M., client since 2017

You got me insurance at an affordable rates and I am very pleased with. Was worried I wouldn't get it in time. Thanks

Client since 2017

Beacon Point is the most dope insurance place known to mankind. All those other companies just feed you bull to get you to buy a policy. BP is for real people...my sweet F250 is fully covered against all the other crazy people on the road. F'real dogg...

Andrew P., client since 2017

Hi Friends. I finally made it to this e-mail in my inbox. I hadn't yet responded to it. We love you and are very happy with your help so far. Peace, Art Art S., client since 2017

I really appreciate the way Travis explains the pros and cons of each insurance plan, making it easy for me to decide which option to choose, yet save money on premiums. His no pressure approach makes him a pleasure to work with and I trust his expertise.

Juanita B., client since 2015 

We felt we were important to you even though we were "problem" clients. Thanks for your patience.

Client since 2015

The fact that you had hard copies of the cost verses services provided by the various insurance choices was of great value to me. Then you took the time to go over everything. It made it much easier for me to make the choice of a prescription plan and a supplemental insurance company.

Client since 2015

Great service, education and products. I love that we were able to get so much more coverage and even save money over our previous plan!

Client since 2017

You helped me find insurance to cover my oncology visits, then helped me find insurance to cover my dentist, showing me it would be cheaper than going with the employer insurance which did not.

Client since 2017

I appreciate your vast knowledge and ability to explain insurance options to me so I can make wise choices. Your low-key, no pressure approach is is great. Thank you for all your help.

Client, May 2017

You always answer my questions with respect, given my limited insurance knowledge. You give examples and explain why I should have a certain type of coverage.

Stephen, May 2017

We appreciate the time that you spent detailing our options for car and home insurance. Thank you for your quick response on my questions regarding our policies.

Client since 2017

I spoke with Chris Loving while I still lived in Texas to set up my insurance in MO while keeping a vehicle insured in Texas. He was very helpful and was able to recommend what insurance I needed for vehicles and also renters insurance. I would recommend him over and over.

Ronda M., May 2017

I am new to Beacon point but I have to say I have gotten more help and faster response time from Chris and the gang than I ever received from my previous insurance agency. I am so very happy that I switched!!!

Tina R., client since 2017

Thank you for all the help.

Danny H., client since 2016

Whenever I make a call up to the office everyone is so nice and helpful. I feel comfortable in making the call if I have a question. Chris was great about keeping me inform of the status of our policies and worked really hard to get the coverage we needed for our Kennel business.

Alicia W., April 2017

You have researched your products thoroughly so you are able to explain our options clearly and offer the most affordable choices.

Vickie S., April 2017

Love our agent Chris Loving! 🙂

Jessica G., March 2017

Travis provided accurate information to obtain health coverage prior to my retirement which facilitated my ability to retire earlier than I thought I could. Travis continued to provide assistance to obtain the best health coverage choices. Email contact keeps us updated. Phone calls are returned in a professional time frame. We respect the knowledge available by staff attending extra training. Peace of mind is worth the fees charged to be able to work with a professional staff.

Dorothy B., March 2017

You were very focused on our needs. You seemed to understand our particular situation. We felt you knew what you were doing. Great personality!

Client since 2015

Travis is always quick to respond to my questions and was very supportive when we had grown to the next level and I had no idea what I was doing.

Client since 2016

They were very professional and very thorough.

Judith D., client since 2013

Chris made the process of switching insurance companies a smooth one. I feel like we got a fair deal and that we'll have the support we need in the future if a need should arise. I also appreciate that all of our questions were answered promptly.

Client, March 2017

Your office always responds quickly to my/our questions. We appreciate how comfortable and easy to work with everyone is on the phone or in the office. Thanks for honest advice.

Client since 2015

Very helpful, always!

Audrey A., client since 2017

You're always there for us with good advice and someone to talk to. Thanks!

Dustin F., February 2017

Good client service and was able to help us with the insurance that fit our needs. Also very friendly and helpful staff that means a lot for my wife and I. Thanks for the great helpful service.

Charles N., client since 2012

Travis and his team at Beacon Point are second to no one. And I mean no one. There is no greater insurancer team that I would trust with insuring all of my awesomeness that I need covered. If your house was on fire they could put it out before the fire dept arrived. And then make sure you are compensated for all of your awesomeness. If you can find a better broker I will literally fight you right now. They even insure beards...prolly.

Andrew P., client since 2010

We are so happy to be clients of Beacon Point. Travis helped us as well as other family members get supplemental Insurance to fit our needs. We recommend him to other family and friends. He did a wonderful job for us. Carolyn Moody Carolyn M., client since 2015

You offer expertise in an important area, an area where we have no expertise at all. We especially appreciated your efforts on our behalf when Deb experienced her mix-up with her Doctors office.

Client since 2014

Charlie Harrison took the time to completely understand my needs, research my options then explain them. It was a mutual decision and I felt comfortable that it was the right one for my business. You can't ask any more than fast, thorough and personal service!

Marsha B., client since 2016

Travis has been such a great help to my family over the last several years. We know almost nothing about navigating medical insurance options and Travis is a wiz who knows everything! He compares and explains different company plans, benefits and premium costs. Travis has given us real peace of mind knowing that we can make the most informed selections possible. Thank you, Beacon Point!

 Dianne Ballantyne David B., February 2017

Travis, I like the personal contact you and your team have with clients. You have always helped me handle my auto insurance problems. Your response time is very good. I like that your office is local and part of the community. I also feel you have the clients best interest when advising. Thank you!

Billie H., February 2017

Beacon Point helped us make good choices finding the right tie in medical plan and prescription plan when we were eligible for Medicare. The process was easy with Beacon Point explaining our options and doing all the work.Thanks.

Anna R., client since 2015

Travis has always taken the time to sit with me and listen and help me. I cannot express how wonderful the staff is and takes such good care of me. They know I haven't always had good represenation in the past and take the time to ensure I have everything taken care of to meet my needs.

Elizabeth D., client since 2014

I think y'all do a great job of being personally involved in your client's wellbeing! Every aspect of it...from financial to physical you've always made the effort to look out for me as a person and not just a number. I especially like the sweet and personal touch of having your staff call me to let me know when I'm having to deal with the processing of getting the steps done right to get the best coverage possible. You Rock Travis!

Client since 2012

Always responsive to any request....no matter how small.

Greg M., February 2017

You are always knowledgeable when I have questions and I rarely have to wait when I call to get a question answered.

Client, February 2017

You make us feel like people not a number.

Larry L., client since 2014

Ypu helped research and present information so we could make an intelligent decision from material which we were unclear about.

Faye A., client since 2015

You quickly answered all of my question and were able to help me find the right insurance for my price range. I'm very satisfied with your service.

James S., client since 2014

When my wife and I were looking for a health insurance supplement plan with Medicare it was highly recommended that we contact Beacon Point. We followed that recommendation and could not be more pleased with the service given by Beacon Point agent, Travis Gensler. He has always provided in-depth information and made our experience in finding health care insurance hassle free. We now have great coverage at an affordable price. Many thanks for great service.

David R., January 2017

I've been with Beacon Point since the beginning, and they always find the best coverages at the best values to fit the needs of my family. They also take the time and care to educate their clients so they understand what they are paying for. I'd recommend anyone to do business with Beacon Point.

Benjamin B., client since 2010

Travis is very knowledgeable in a very confusing & constantly changing industry! 1. always available for their clients 2. have answers (or will find them) 3. very friendly staff Client since 2015

Very pleased with what Charlie Harrison did with my home owners and auto insurance. Saved me money and increased my coverage. Now I do not worry I have the appropriate coverage if something happens.

Michelle B., December 2016

I really love to go and work with Travis at Beacon point because he gives a personal point of view and takes a personal interest in helping his clients. When I've had to call with a question they're always there to help you.

Shannon F., client since 2014

Travis is always pleasant and courteous. He is very thorough explaining my choices and what is best for me. Glad to know he is always there to help. Thanks.

Carolyn M., client since 2014

I like receiving emails from Beacon Point about news items important to me.

Mary P., client since 2013

Quick, easy, and thorough service!

Shelbie S., client since 2017

We appreciate everything you did

Connie S., December 2016

You knew the answers to questions that had stalled me out on the government website when trying to get health insurance.

Client since 2017

Travis always helps us pick the right plan for our needs! He also makes sure to take time explaining the confusing insurance policies.

Cristopher P., December 2016

Attention to detail, a very good understanding of the marketplace, and an effective process that removes the burden of doing it ourselves.

Stephen J., client since 2017

Travis Gensler was the best. He walked me through the maze of plans with sensitivity and knowledge.

Keith M., client since 2017

quick response and personal attention

Donald M., client since 2017

It was helpful and reassuring to have someone with experience and expertise walk us through the process of figuring out what we need.

Client, December 2016

Friendly, helped with choosing a Medicare supplement plan.

Client since 2016

Travis is very knowledgeable and helped make the difficult decisions easier.

Steven T., client since 2017

You provided excellent, efficient, and friendly service at a difficult and stressful time in my life -- thank you!

Client, December 2016

Travis was very helpful as I decided on healthcare coverage. He was knowledgeable and patient as we looked at the options. I feel confident that I chose the best plan for me.

Julie S., client since 2017

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Client, December 2016

I appreciated the convenience of the nearby location and the promptness of getting an appointment. Travis was very patient in explaining all of the options and differences of the healthcare marketplace. When I notified him of my decision, I had the confirmation within 12 minutes. It was a painless and pleasant experience.

Paula G., client since 2017

Travis' knowledge was most helpful. I came to the first meeting concerned about healthcare options. During that meeting I received information that brought assurance and direction. The second meeting with Travis provided solutions to our family's healthcare and prescriptions needs. Travis filled out the paperwork. All we needed to do was sign the documents. My initial anxiety about navigating the healthcare systems was gone. I have recommended Beacon Point to others. Also, Kacey's quick response to phone calls and e-mails was timely and supportive. Thank you!

Douglas B., December 2016

My meeting with Travis was very informative. I feel he went above and beyond to make certain that all my doctors would take any insurance policy that I would get. He also was persistent in getting the paperwork filed.

Client, November 2016

Cut through all the technical jargon and made it clear and concise what the best plan of action was to take. Kindly walked me through the process without talking down to me.

Client since 2017

I appreciated the kindness, patience and attention to detail we received from Beacon Point.

Client, September 2016

Beacon Point exceeded my expectations for my health and dental insurance needs. They found me an appropriate and affordable plan with just a short visit on the phone with Travis. They are great at following up with their clients, and always available when I need them for questions. Thank you Beacon Point for insuring me at an affordable rate! I recommend this company for anyone seeking private health insurance. Kimberly Lee Kimberly L., client since 2016

I was able to get an appointment with very short notice and I took more of Travis's time than a normal appointment but he assured me it was no problem. You provided friendly service and are very knowledgeable about your products.

Vickie S., September 2016

You were knowledgeable of all the choices available.

Michelle D., client since 2016

Troubleshot signing up for healthcare! Much appreciated!

Judith J., client since 2014 

Always available and on top of my needs and questions.

Client, August 2016

Travis has been great to work with, quick to respond and always cheerful!

Client since 2016

We always feel like Travis has our back when it comes to our health and home coverage. Any questions we have are always responded to in a timely and helpful way. As seniors we especially appreciate his ongoing special interest in folks in our age group!!

John S., client since 2010

I have been very pleased and have recommend you to others as a company to see about getting insurance.

Client since 2015

Beacon Point has always been there for me whenever I had a problem. I trust Travis and know he will take care of my insurance needs.

Client, July 2016 

Thanks for helping me make a decision about the Medicare tie-in plans for health and prescription coverage. My husband made his decision after talking to a couple of companies and isn't as happy with his tie-in plans. When it's time he can change, we'll be calling you again.

Client since 2015

The BCBS Insurance that you were able to get us for my husband was considerably less than the same coverage through Obama care. So happy that our daughter Brittany referred us to you. We may be contacting you in the future to discuss home/car insurance as well. Thank you so much!

Kathy L., client since 2015

We worked hard together to get the policy right. I felt that Travis listened to what I needed and addressed that. I especially wanted tombe covered if/as I travel and he made sure that would happen. If or when I need to change my policy, I feel comfortable contacting them and working through this.

Doris N., client since 2015

I appreciated extra help with an error in employer recording of health care. My questions about providers were answered.

Client since 2015 

Always willing to help us with any of the problems we bring to you. Also very prompted in response.

Troy L., client since 2014

Your entire staff was helpful, personable, and listened to us to determine the best policy for our family. When there was a problem with the insurance company, your staff called several times to check on the progress and offer assistance. We greatly appreciate the fine work you are doing.

Kirk A., July 2016

I like that you care about your clients.

Gerald G., client since 2014

Travis was very professional with helping us through the health insurance maze. Thank you again

Client since 2015

For the first time, I recently experienced working with both my car insurance, and my home insurance. In both situations I have been very pleased with the assistance I have received. Besides handling everything perfectly, personal care for my best interest was given, and much appreciated. I feel very fortunate to have found you:) Sue G., client since 2014

Everyone at Beacon Point Insurance is very professional, friendly, and helpful. I was recommended to this agency three years ago, and I would not go anywhere else. My gratitude to Travis for always helping me select an affordable health plan. Beacon Point goes the extra mile. You are wondeful! Thanks again, Adriane Buford Adriane B., client since 2016

Travis was recommended to me when I retired from my job. I was lost as far as getting the best insurance for my husband and myself. We needed good supplemental insurance as well as good Dental insurance at reasonable rates. It is just so hard and so confusing to surf the web yourself and find what works best in your state and get good coverage. Travis knew how to do all that and went over our medical needs and just made the whole event effortless for us. We are extremely satisfied with the supplemental insurance he set up for us. He listened and got the greatest results for us. I would and have recommended him to other family and friends.

Carolyn M., client since 2015

Whenever I call your office, I always get someone who is willing to help and/or answer my questions and it is always nice to speak with a "person" as opposed to a "computer"!

Client since 2014

You and the other staff members were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Faye A., client since 2015

You helped me get the insurance I needed.

James S., client since 2014

Travis gave me choices that would fit my needs and went over the options with me. He allowed me to pick a service for my secondary insurance and one for my meds. He also enrolled me in a program that pays the monthly charges automatically which I prefer. I have referred 5 other people all ready and all thank me for it and say how pleased they are with the service.

Donald D., client since 2015

you got me good insurance at a good price

Helen R., July 2016

  1. Personal assistance in selecting companies
  2. Charlie being flexible so I don't have to come into the office.

Sally F., client since 2016

Fast and friendly service, always willing to help and answer questions. Committed to finding the best coverage at the most affordable pricing.

Gregory M., client since 2011

Travis Gensler truly has his clients interest at heart. He listened carefully to my circumstances, talked me through my options, and made his best recommendation based on that information. Thank you Travis!

Ingrid B., June 2016

I like having the ability to transact business with them over the Internet without an office visit.

Elizabeth B., June 2016

Travis did a great job of sitting down with me and looking at my doctors and my prescriptions and helping me decide which company/plan would be best for me.

Deborah E., client since 2015

Travis is amazing.

Bryan C., client since 2014

All of my insurance experiences have been complete nightmares! Travis made it quick and painless. He got us the plan we needed and I will gladly refer anyone and everyone to him. Thanks so much, Travis!

Katy A., client since 2010

Travis & his team are client friendly no matter if it's in person or on the phone . They answer any questions & if they don't know the answer will search to find the answer. It is definitely nice to have someone in your corner to help you understand what can be a very challenging subject -- insurance and Medicare !

Client since 2015

You took the time to explain to me what the best insurance policy would be for me and my car. Everything made sense and I felt like I was getting the best deal for the money in spending.

Tamerra S., June 2016

you were very easy to work with.

Client since 2015 

Personal interest is shown - Charlie took to time to really understand my needs and evaluate the best options for me. Even though my business need was something unfamiliar, he researched and reached out to several companies to bring me the best options. Thx!!!

Marsha B., client since 2016

Everything has worked out for us as discussed. United Health Care (AARP) has paid everything & there have been some large charges that were covered. We would certainly recommend Beacon Point for health insurance needs.

Linda B., client since 2015 

You always give me the best options that I need for my coverage. Really appreciate your time and professional help. Thank you.

Carolyn M., client since 2014

You helped Deb and me as we transitioned to the Medicare phase of our lives when I turned 65. We will be counting on you again when Deb turns 65 in October 2017.

Client since 2014

Charlie Harrison is very knowledgeable about your business and explained all the proposals on my insurance. He not only saved me money but found out I was under covered and made me feel very secure that if something did happen I was covered. He is very professional and did all this in a very timely manner. I would not hesitate to refer him.

Michelle B., June 2016

They were very helpful, not just in providing the appropriate coverage services but also answering our many questions and educating us as well.

Christina K., June 2016

Made it very easy to understand what I was getting for insurance

Client, June 2016

You really helped go over every plan and talk through which would be best for us examining our health needs. You took time with us even if we needed things repeated to get a clearer picture! Thanks so much, Travis

Shannon F., client since 2014

Made the experience of getting life insurance informative and painless. From the inportance of having life insurance and explaining how it benefits you and your loved ones.

Taylor H., June 2016

Travis- Thank you so much for your knowledgeable advice and help. I appreciate your patience in explaining all the pros and cons of various options I have mentioned your name to numerous family and friends; they, too, have been pleased with your help. Just yesterday I mentioned you to a new retiree friend when she asked me about my medical insurance---if I still have the ISD group coverage or have changed to a separate policy. (I think you'll be getting a phone call from her soon.) David B., June 2016

My health care plan has been great. I have had to use it and I have been very satisfied. The plan has covered more than I thought. This should get me through another year until l receive Medicare.

Fred K., client since 2015

You and your people always seem to be looking out for our best interests. All our needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently and you are great people to deal with.

Susan S., client since 2010

I was directed to Beacon Point in 2013 as I was about to turn 65 and needed help with the dreaded search for decisions about Medicare supplemental/prescription drug insurance.  They were able to direct me to the ones that best fit my medical history and prescription needs.  I was also thinking about changing from the insurance company that had insured my car and home for the last 40+ years.  I was ready to change and shared that information.  Beacon Point, again, looked at my history and advised me to go with Travelers Insurance which I did.  Late in June I caused a minor fender bender and called Beacon Point for direction.  They were very helpful in advising me of the steps to take and even called later that evening to check on my mental and physical condition.  I was, and still am, fine but I appreciated that special touch of reaching out.  The next day after filing the police report, they did a three way call with me as I talked to the claims adjuster at Travelers.  Travelers was very caring and courteous as we worked through the process assuring me that they would now take over everything and get me fixed up.....all I had to do was visit the body shop of my choice and get an estimate.  Even though I took copious notes, I received a postcard from Beacon Point with the pertinent information that Travelers had given me  Each step of the process from there on has been handled in a professional way with a big dose of personal attention.  I would recommend Beacon Point and Travelers Insurance very highly!
Cheryl Reynolds, Independence, MO

Travelers has been awesome so far. Heck of a lot better than Allstate. It was pretty painless. Around $11k in hail/wind damage. We got hit pretty hard to say the least. Gutters, window, and the roof. But, I'm pleased with them!!! I've passed on your number to a lot of my friends, so you may get busy!!!
Mike Curley, Kansas City, MO

We started working with Travis Gensler in the spring of 2007. He helped us update our home policy to include full replacement value – which ended up being just what we needed and with good, though unfortunate, timing. Our home was burglarized in June 2007. It was a horrible experience. Like in the movies when a house is just ransacked…that was our home. The emotion involved in the experience ranged from anger and violation to some relief. Relief because Travis helped us through the entire ordeal, and we had the coverage we needed for the damage and items stolen. Without the review and update of our policy, we would not have been covered well. So, with thanks and appreciation, I highly recommend working with Beacon Point Insurance.
Amber & Marc Dickensheets, Kansas City, MO

Day 6 of things that make me happy: When people take their time to engage in conversation and teach someone (me) that just doesn't know where to begin with all the possible choices, especially when it's for the benefit of your family. That's happiness to me.

I so appreciate Travis' ability to clarify my misunderstanding and answer my multitude of questions. ‪ #‎100happydays ‪#‎BeaconPoint ‪#‎Grateful
Susan Byrne, Raytown, MO

“What I liked about working with Travis is that we were not pressured into making a decision right away.  He provided us options to choose from, but also gave us his opinion on which one he felt was best for us and why.  It is nice to work with someone who is looking out for our best interest in the long-term.  We will never use anybody else.”

Andrew & Olivia Powell, Grain Valley, MO

“As a claims adjuster in the insurance industry, I work with many agents on a daily basis.  Out of all the agents I work with, I chose Travis Gensler to handle my protection because of his honesty and helpfulness.  He always goes above and way beyond what a normal agent does.”
Chris Loving, Trimble, MO

“I had talked to several other agents who were either not knowledgeable or did not take the time to explain my options to me.  We told Travis what we wanted to accomplish and he brought us several options to choose from, one of them was a solution we had not even thought about.  Travis was thorough and exceeded my expectations. He did an excellent job.”
Corey Bott, Lee’s Summit, MO

“My experience was and still is wonderful! Travis helped us reduce our monthly premium payments for insurance which allowed us to take the difference and start up a Roth IRA with him to save for our retirement.  That is not even to mention the other exclusive programs he has for us.
Josh Brown, Springfield, MO

“Being a new business owner, and not knowing what to do, I greatly appreciate the time and energy Travis put into helping me understand how the coverages worked for me and my business. It makes a difference when someone takes the time to do a thorough exam of ones needs.”
Brenton Brown – owner, Bootleggin BBQ, St Louis, MO

“Travis helped us with our insurance needs from across the country while we were setting up our company and relocating long distance. His assistance was invaluable in answering all of our questions and meeting our needs.”
Lauren Wendlandt, owner frameworkdesign, Kansas City, MO

“Travis was very helpful in explaining Medicare Supplemental Insurance to me. He was extremely expeditious in getting my policy in place. AND, he saved me a considerable amount of money over the premium I was being charged by my former insurer.”
Sandra Harper, Kansas City, KS

“Travis was great to work with. He answered all of our questions and didn't pressure us to sign up with him. He gave us time to look over the materials and check with other companies to compare. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”
Ed & Carol Roth, Windsor, MO

“What a great experience! I am a single older woman, old enough to be on Medicare but still working and HAD insurance at work. I was getting ready to lose my insurance at work, so being insurance ignorant, I needed to find someone who would be patient enough to help me find what I needed and could afford. I found him by looking in the phone book for an agent with my car insurance company with Medicare Insurance knowledge. He spent three hours with me that day, patiently going over every option in the country and matching it to my needs and financial ability. He answered all of my uneducated questions and finally helped me to choose the best plan for me and one that would take me through for the rest of my life. That wasn't the end either. As I started through the government red tape of switching all the cards, paperwork and payment schedules I had more questions and, once again, he patiently walked me through all of that. I will hit January 1st on my feet and running smoothly.” ~
Pat Townsend, Kansas City, MO

“Thank You so much for helping us pick out our health insurance and prescription coverage after we retired.  I will get in touch with you if we need anything else. By the way, I have told several of my friends about you.  Thanks!”
Gerald and Garnett Rinehart, Grain Valley, MO

“Dear Travis – Thank you for all your help. I can’t believe you cut my premium in half. You’re awesome.”
Regards, Marie L., North Kansas City, MO

My friend and now Advisor, Travis Gensler just saved me almost $900 a year just on my auto!!!”
~Teresa Bardwell-Saenz, Topeka, KS

“Anyone interested in saving some money on home and auto insurance, give my friend Travis Gensler a call. I got quotes from several insurance companies and he beat them all!  He is very professional and took care of everything in just a matter of days.”
~April Brown, Independence, MO

The transition from old insurance company to Beacon Point was very smooth. My advisors are so nice and helpful with the questions I had and an added bonus is we are saving money on our policies. Thank you for being so kind and professional.
Alicia West, Joplin, MO

Our new company has to be the best company I have ever dealt with as far as claims. Only took 15 minutes for them to look at my car and give me a rental. Farmers still has not got a hold of their insured."
M. Paxton, Overland Park, KS

I want to thank you for your assistance.  Travis I cannot express how much I appreciate you and the time you spend with your clients, always doing the right thing going above and beyond.  Job well done!
Tanya Peck, Independence, MO

Working with Charlie Harrison at Beacon Point was easy and enlightening.  Prior to working with Charlie our workers compensation insurance was just an annual renewal item on the checklist.  Charlie provided us with education and a better understanding of the process in determining our premium.  He was also able to get us several proposals which were significantly lower than our current policy.  I would recommend Charlie and Beacon Points’ Midwest CompAid process to anyone.
Anne Giangrosso, Office Manager
Northland Anesthesiology, Inc.

We had the pleasure of recently moving our personal insurance to Charlie Harrison at Beacon Point Insurance Group after being with a large group insurer for over 30 years.  We had forgotten how nice it is to be able to work with a reliable, friendly and knowledgeable agent that has our interests at heart.   I would recommend Charlie and his agency to all.
~John and Tamie Owen, Kansas City, MO

Really appreciate all you do to help with insurance. You save me a lot of money and help me understand my coverage.
~Carolyn Manzo, North Kansas City, MO

Travis & Staff – Thank you so much for all your help. May you and all your staff have a Very Merry Christmas and a very happy new year! I appreciate all your help and may God bless each and every one of you.
~Teresa Terrazas, Independence, MO

Thank you for the time you took with me last week working through my healthcare options. Your honest opinion about staying on my work option because it was better for me is greatly appreciated.
~Pam Barrett, Lee’s Summit, MO

Travis, this is long overdue. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my insurance from the Health Insurance Marketplace. I hope I don’t have problems next year. If I do, you will see me. Thanks! J

~Phyllis Monteer, Kansas City, MO

Thank you for helping my dad!!!
~Collin T Byrne, Raytown, MO

Thank you so much for all of your help with finalizing my health insurance.  It appears that I’m all set now.  I couldn’t have figured all that out without you. Thanks again,
~Julie Smith, Independence, MO

James S

I felt that I was being treated as an individual. Both Travis and Chris have help me to get affordable insurance, while showing me real concern and support. I recently referred my son to your office and would always recommend you to my friends.  James S., client since 2014

Annie T

“Hey Everyone! I’ve been meaning to send this email for a long time now. Back in September when Joe and I got out new house we went with a new insurance agency Beacon Point Insurance Group. It’s through my friend Travis Gensler. In our old house we had State Farm, which at the time seemed …

Annie T Read More »

Sheila M

Thank YOU very much Chris for the assistance and most importantly, the FINANCIAL SAVINGS! You are an excellent Representative of Beacon Point and one whom I put a lot of trust in.  Don’t ever change. Grateful, Sheila M., client since 2011

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