Have A Wonderful Day at Waterfall Park by Bass Pro in Independence, Missouri!

Yeah, I know it’s weird to find Bass Pro’s name in an article about visiting one of the many great places Independence, Missouri has to offer. To clarify, Bass Pro is a point of reference for you to find the wonderful Waterfall Park very easily, and let’s face it, it can also be quite entertaining to browse around the store.

If one of the purposes for your trip is to replenish your energy and revitalize your soul, then the Waterfall Park is a necessary stop when you come to Independence Missouri to let the kids run and play.

You won’t be disappointed by this Waterfall Park specially because it has everything you need to be comfortable and still enjoy being immersed in nature Bass Pro Style.

The park has walking trails, a beautiful lake ripe for fishing, a fishing dock, a picnic shelter, a huge playground for your children and many picnic tables scattered around the playground so you can have a nice relaxing day having a wonderful little picnic with your loved ones.

The Waterfall Park is just beautiful and on your way there you’ll be able to enjoy the view of several waterfalls. It’s amazing to see and nature has a way of bringing you together with yourself and with others. It’s humbling and revitalizing!

If you’re traveling with children, the playground will probably be the main attraction for them. It’s clean, safe and modern. The entire area is covered in rubber mulch, so you won’t have to worry that much about scrapes and bruises.

The playground is large enough to keep children entertained for hours, but small enough to give you peace of mind because you can easily keep an eye on them. This allows you to enjoy yourself while they’re doing the same!

Your kids will find the climbing rock, the small web-climber and the simulated log particularly interesting because they’re physically demanding and a whole lot of fun! Don’t worry, they’re perfectly safe for young children, just make sure you bring your sunscreen or hide under the beautiful tree shaded area!

The fishing dock I mentioned earlier is very close to the playground and it’s dominated by Canadian geese and mallards you can feed. Be careful though because they can be quite bold!

The Waterfall Park is very clean, well shaded, full of trees and beauty, there’s a water fountain and a clean bathroom, so it’s very accommodating for families to spend a lovely time.

Now, because the Bass Pro store is so dominating in the area, you can’t help but take a little time to browse around before going into the park. This store is huge, and you’ll find everything you need for hunting, fishing and camping, which can come quite handy if you want to fish while you’re in the Waterfall Park.

The park is at 4501 S Bass Pro Dr., Independence, MO 64055. Consider an early arrival because parking can be limited, and you can imagine that a lot of people enjoy spending some time in this wonderful place.

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