Annie T

“Hey Everyone!
I've been meaning to send this email for a long time now. Back in September when Joe and I got out new house we went with a new insurance agency Beacon Point Insurance Group. It’s through my friend Travis Gensler. In our old house we had State Farm, which at the time seemed to be the best buy (probably because I hadn't talked to Travis and then there was the situation with "Pushy Patty"). Anyways... So when I said we were getting this new house Travis said well let me just take a look at what you have and see if I can get you a better deal. Well... he totally did. Our cars, boat and house all better deals on coverage and price! WAY better deals.

But that’s NOT the best part... with State Farm I got the insurance man’s lackey who was pushy and I believed pushed me into my other insurance choice. When we were robbed and I had to go in and meet with my State Farm guy he was like "yeah yeah that’s a bad deal, you know Annie you should probably look into life insurance..." I mean I go into talk to him about my devastation and he is pulling up pie charts trying to sell me life insurance... needless to say I was unimpressed and instantly furious with this man...

SO back to the Best part... Travis is the kind of guy that will compare and help you. He will let you know what all he offers you but he NEVER pushes anything on you or makes you feel uncomfortable. I mean maybe I just got a crappy guy last time and that never happens to anyone else... But I never dread having to talk to Travis, and I can always ask him questions by email don’t have to be sucked in to the office aka a web that I get stuck in being told about all the stuff I don’t have but need!

So something to think about. I mean in this day in age were all looking to find the best bang for our buck. Well we are anyways, and I really feel that I've found it with Travis. You guys should all look into it, you might be surprised he might just be able to save you money or get better coverage. Please rest assure that I would never refer any of you to someone that will solicit you or harass you because I myself hate people like that!
~Annie T. Lee’s Summit, MO

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