Visit The Community of Christ International Headquarters in Independence, Missouri!

Spirituality is important even when you’re taking a little trip to clear your mind off work and responsibilities. I’d say spirituality is very important indeed if you’re trying to replenish your energy.

That’s why you can’t miss the Community of Christ International Headquarters if you’re coming to Independence, Missouri. This is one of the best temples you’ll be able to visit, and you’ll definitely feel grace, love, and peace.

Peace is something the Community of Christ takes very seriously. Jesus is considered to be the Prince of Pease and the Holy Spirit gives strength in the costly pursuit of peace and justice for all.

Peace is definitely a center theme in the Community of Christ International Headquarters and one of their missions is to promote communities of peace, joy, hope and love in the name of Jesus Christ.

You’ll find that this center really encompasses this ideal of peace, love, and community. Visitors are enchanted and they leave feeling happy and refreshed. This is a very welcoming community so you will not be sorry you came.

Even if you’re not religious, you can appreciate these ideals and their practice while you visit this amazing community that has so much to offer.

The Community of Christ has a lot of entertainment and interesting sights to offer. For one, you can follow the Worshiper’s Path which is filled with symbolic artwork for you to admire.

The Temple Sanctuary has room for 1,600 people and it features a spiral ceiling that raises 195 feet. It’s beautiful to be there and have a moment to yourself.

Inside the Temple Sanctuary you’ll be able to attend the daily prayer for peace at 1:00 PM. The daily prayer for peace lasts around 20 minutes and the objective is to have a complete worship experience while praying and meditating for peace with a focus on a specific country.

The Community of Christ has a 5,685-pipe organ that you’ll find inside the Temple Sanctuary. These headquarters are also complete with an Auditorium that features another organ, but this one is a bit more special because it’s one of the largest free-standing organs in the United States; it has 6,334 pipes and it’s a wonder to admire.

From January to May and from August to December you’ll be able to enjoy some wonderful organ recitals every Sunday except on holidays. In June and July, the recitals are every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

The Temple also offers you a beautiful and calming Meditation Chapel that overlooks a garden designed by expert Japanese gardeners.

On the Community of Christ International Headquarters in Independence, Missouri you’ll also find a museum packed with historical artifacts for you to browse.

Guided tours and visits to the Community of Christ are recommended so you can enjoy every space and learn a little bit about everything. These are available from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. Call Visitor Services for further information: (+1) 816 833 1000, extension 2030.

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